Sunday, March 09, 2008

Notes from the lands of Cyrodiil

I decided to start a sort of personal diary here. I do know nobody in their right mind reads this blog so what better place to have a secret diary right in the open where everyone could see it ?

Of course, I am not going to really talk about myself: I will be live blogging as an adventurer inside the game Oblivion... in a way that is talking about something I am doing (narrating the adventures of my Olbivion character).

I will be talking, more like blogging twitter style, about adventures in Bethesda's latest masterpiece Oblivion, sometimes adding pictures to my posts, sometimes just posting a brief message. It is intended to be more of an exercise for myself, to self-impose a daily routine, and will have the form of brief notes taken a bit in a hurry by a character inside the game world. Most of the time it will be a daily message (as in game world days not real life days), but it might also become multiple messages per game day.

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