Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Panajev's journal, Entry #01

Day 1:
still in the castle's dungeons, following the emperor Uriel Septim who just freed me.

Day 1: the Emperor was murdered by strange assassins, the Blades were unable to protect him! I have been entrusted by the Emperor with an important mission: I ought to find his illegitimate son.

Day 2: finally out of the sewers! The sun is beautiful!

Day 2: I have to reach Chorrol ASAP: Jauffre awaits.

Day 3: Martin, Uriel's son, is in Kvatch and he might be in danger. I have got to reach him, but I cannot afford to make a straight journey through the wilderness: I have to make a stop in Skingrad first and work on my skills. I do not know if I am ready for what lies ahead, but I have given my word to Uriel and to the Nines and I won't take it back.

Day 4: reached Skingrad!

Day 4: met a strange Elf... he might have gotten himself in some sort of trouble. People tell me he is sort of the town's lunatic: crazy, but harmless. He tells me that someone closely watches over every step he makes and wants him silenced because he discovered some important secret. It is kind of believable: if everyone thinks he is crazy, who will believe anything he says? The captain of the guards asks me to report any strange request I could be asked to fulfill.

Day 5-7: I am starting to suspect he might have some mental problems myself: the people he points out as conspirators against him (and on which I investigate) mean absolutely no harm to him. What's next ? Why am I not leaving for Kvatch already ?

(Disclaimer: everything in this blog post is purely fictional: no reference to actual people or events is implied or meant.
The use of "I" refers to the "thoughts" the fictional character I play in the video game Oblivion for PS3)

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