Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Panajev's journal, Entry #02

Day 9: Bleak Flats Cave? First she does not remember she sent him there then she gives me a fireball spell just in case?!? Is she trying to tell me something? Eathor should be there anyway: I bring him back to the Mages Guild and I get my recommendation... simple as that.

Day 10: Not too simple... that inept wizard probably managed to fill the cave with zombies with all his conjuration experiments... I fail to see how that does not classify as Necromancy, but that is the Guild's internal regulation problem...

Day 10: Saved him! Back at the Skingrad's Mages Guild. Ready to leave for Kvatch finally! I do feel stronger and better prepared.

Day 10: I should be in Kvatch by Nightfall at the latest, maybe earlier if I do not waste time exploring the surroundings, but the adventurous side of me wants to fight zombies, goblins, and daedra as well as finding new artifacts!

Day 10: WOW, what is that gate?!?

Day 10: The city is under siege! The dark lords of Oblivion are once again invading our plane of reality... this must be connected with the murder of the Emperor and of all the known heirs to the throne of Tamriel. Martin is hiding inside the city's church. The guards are courageously taking a last stand against the invading demonic forces: I need to get inside that gate and close it shut!

(Disclaimer: everything in this blog post is purely fictional: no reference to actual people or events is implied or meant.
The use of "I" refers to the "thoughts" the fictional character I play in the video game Oblivion for PS3)

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