Monday, November 13, 2006

Well, some more short-changing for us consumers...

Sad to start this blog with whining, but... sometimes i just get mad.

I get this sequence of news:

Nintendo to Spend $200 Million on Wii Marketing to Battle Sony

Sonic CinePlayer chosen to power DVD-playing version of Nintendo's Wii (late 2007)

Now, we know Wii has a fully functional DVD drive, we have seen how the Wii, even though it abandoned the high-performance CPU+GPU technology race and chose an evolutionary path from GameCube with the innovation relying in its unique control method, has raised the price of admission for Nintendo home consoles again (from $199 of GameCube to $249 of Wii), we suspected that Software Playback for DVD movies was the only missing piece of the equation and there we go...

You COULD watch DVD movies on Wii, even though Nintendo cheapened out from providing optical out for surround sound, but it seems that Nintendo will not let you even pay for an DVD-movie playback enabling add-on (so that you can pay the DVD-forum fees for them) for your Wii.

Nintendo's solution ? Double dipping their customers with a new revision of the Wii to be launched one year from now.

The Wii is not even out yet and they are already preparing to launch the Wii SP ;).

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo: finding a way to irritate their customers... I hope they can get their feet back on the ground.

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